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Our Services

CIV LED Lighting Solutions offers programs and other services to make your lighting more cost-effective. Our team can assist you in designing energy-efficient systems that allow you to get tax deductions and rebates. In addition, we can facilitate an update of your establishment’s lighting through one of our services.

Energy Savings Program

Turn to us to upgrade the system of your facility at no capital cost. Through our energy savings program, your chosen utility company will improve your lighting without additional charges. You’ll also get to keep a share of the savings that your upgrade provides.


The Process

Our team will determine how much savings you’ll get with a lighting upgrade on your facility. Then, we will facilitate a shared energy savings agreement between you and your utility company. This usually lasts from five to six years.


Advantage of Our Program

Since our energy savings initiative comes without capital cost, you won’t need to invest money for the upgrade or collect any debts. Maintenance and repair will also be handled for free. Because of this, the program will give your company a positive cash flow experience from day one.

Since our energy saving initiative is considered a service without investment or expense, there will be no need to report it on your balance sheet. Responsibility will not be an issue on your part.

Energy Efficient Commercial Building Deduction §179D

Energy Efficient Commercial Building Deduction (I.R.C. §179D) Key Features:

Efficiency Is Based on 3 Components:

  • Interior Lighting
  • Mechanical System (Heating and Hot Water)
  • Building Envelope/Enclosure

Individual Components = $0.60/sq. ft., for a Maximum Tax

  • Deduction = $1.80/sq. ft.

For Interior Lighting Retrofits, Law Requires a Lighting

  • Power Density Minimum Efficiency Reduction of 25% under ASHRAE 90.1-2007

Parking Garages, Agriculture Houses, Processing

  • Structures Are Buildings under 90.1-2001=7

Taxpayer Claims Deduction as ‘Other Deduction’ and

  • Retains Supporting Documentation in Files With Other Tax Records

Deduction Claimed in Tax Year Work Is Completed

Requires Certification by Unrelated Contractor or PE

  • Licensed in Jurisdiction of Property

Requires Reduction in Basis of the Property Equal to the

  • Amount of Deduction Claimed by Taxpayer

Taxpayer May Claim Deduction in Addition to Other

  • Depreciation Expense Deductions and Utility Rebates

Energy Efficiency Tax Deduction Benefit Example:

XYZ Furniture, a manufacturer and distributor of office furniture and equipment based in Asheville, NC, completed a $43,000 LED Lighting Retrofit Project in Fall 2019 for its Production Facilities with Estimated Combined Square Footage of 100,000 sq. ft.:

Estimated EECB Deduction:

100,000 x $.60 = $60,000

Estimated Tax Deduction Benefit (After Tax Cash Value):

$60,000 x 30% = $18,000 (~41.8% of the Initial Capital Outlay (18,000÷43,000))

Required Materials:

  • Lighting Specifications (Lighting Count) and Building Dimensions
  • Name of Key Designated Contact Person
  • Any Energy Compliance Reports or Related Documentation for Lighting, HVAC, and the Building Envelope, If Available

Reach Out to Us

We would love to hear from you! For more details about how we can help you save on energy expenses, please contact us today.

Reach Out to Us

We would love to hear from you! For more details about how we can help you save on energy expenses, please contact us today.