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Why You Should Install LED Lights In School Classrooms

It’s not just about the looks anymore; LED lights provide many benefits for homes and businesses. For example, they’re energy-efficient and durable, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking or burning out too quickly. Why choose those old-school incandescent bulbs when you could install something better?

We at CIV LED Lighting Solutions, LLC, serving Indianapolis, IN, believe LED lights should be the norm in school classrooms.

Here’s why.

Student’s Perform Better With the Right Kind of Lighting

LED lights in the classroom help improve learning and academic performance. These lights can be tuned to imitate natural sunlight that boosts students’ concentration levels.

LEDs are known to emit a bright light ideal for reading and other academic activities. A study published in the journal PNAS showed that students who worked in a room with LED lighting scored about 20% higher on math tests than those who worked in a room with traditional fluorescent lighting.

LED lighting also helps younger learners who experience tiredness during early mornings. This is due to out-of-sync, disturbed biological clocks.

Save On Bills While Your Students Do Well

Schools that choose to install LEDs won’t just see the increased academic performance; they’ll also enjoy decreased energy bills. Fluorescent lights are filled with mercury and contain toxic chemicals that can pollute the environment over time; they are also expensive. Whereas LEDs offer an environmentally friendly alternative while costing a lot less in terms of money and maintenance.

Lighting Controls and Flexibility Taken to the Next Level

Nowadays, lighting in classrooms can create a more specific and calming environment for students. This comes in handy as they need different types of considerations and settings with each subject. Take mathematics, for example. Mathematics tasks require focus rather than creative thinking about solutions (which would typically come easier with light from an LED lamp). The control also gives teachers tremendous help access when taking their children out on a field trip. Dimming down some unique lights, so only basic brightness levels are needed, does a lot more than it sounds.

LEDs Are Healthy – That’s Right!

Installing LED light fixtures can lower the risk of exposure to harmful contaminants like Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs). The U.S Environmental Protection Agency defines these as carcinogens that have been known for their ability to harm nervous, immune, and endocrine systems.

The EPA recently released an announcement. It states that concerned parties who want information on whether your building still contains this type of fixture should contact them. They don’t want to miss any potential hazards from either old installations or refurbishment projects in the future. Compliance with this procedure will save you from unknown, unexpected dangers that could occur.

LEDs, comparatively, offer a lot of advantages. It makes sense for you to switch, too.

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