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What Is The Energy Savings Assistance Program? Here’s An Overview!

The Energy Savings Assistance Program is an initiative that provides energy-saving solutions to business owners without requiring any upfront payment. You can receive energy-saving LED lights and lower your energy bill while not having to spend any capital cost on the installations.

The free energy-saving LED lights will save you money, and several utility companies will compete for your business to give you the best rates possible. Once an agreement has been made with one of these utility companies, CIV LED Lighting Solutions, LLC will install new energy-efficient equipment at your residence free of charge. This program also gives customers a portion of their savings back when they sign up.

Let’s explore the benefits of the energy savings program in detail:

No Burden on Your Company with Our No Capital Cost Policy

Your company doesn’t need to spend any capital on energy-saving equipment. This energy savings program requires no initial investment, and the LED lights that will be installed are free of charge.

Many companies use older lighting systems that require frequent maintenance or replacement because these old applications have significantly higher energy costs than new energy-efficient ones.

With brand new LEDs from CIV LED Lighting Solutions, LLC, energy consumption in your company will reduce considerably.

This Program Reduces Energy Consumption and the Cost of Energy Bills

Our energy savings program also reduces monthly energy costs for our clients because several utility companies participate in the bidding process. The best possible rates are offered after an agreement with a utility company, resulting in reduced energy usage, leading to lower energy bills each month.

Utility companies offering this energy savings plan are willing to give the best rates because they know that if you do not accept their proposal, they have to face stiff competition from other energy providers who want your business too. There is also a chance that these energy service companies can lose the opportunity to serve you, so they bid with lower rates and give more incentives.

You Get to Keep a Portion of the Savings

The Energy Savings Assistance program will not only help you reduce your monthly bill, but you also get to keep a portion of the energy savings, which is why it’s such an attractive plan. You will be able to make money off energy savings, and you will also get to save on energy costs. You have nothing to lose and energy savings to gain.

Enjoy Free Maintenance and Repair

Another benefit of the energy savings assistance program is that you will enjoy free energy maintenance and repair. At CIV LED Lighting Solutions, LLC, we are the ones who perform these services for your business, so there is no need to hire an outside contractor.

The Energy Savings Assistance Program is an excellent resource for Indianapolis residents to save money on their electric bills. Sometimes, people have trouble understanding how much energy they use and why it is so expensive. With the help of this program, you can get answers to these questions and learn about cost-saving measures that are available in your area. If you have been looking for ways to reduce your power consumption but don’t know where to start, contact CIV LED Lighting Solutions today! Our energy consultants are experts in commercial lighting solutions with proven results. Get started by requesting a free quote now!