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Know Your Bulbs! Picking Energy Balanced Options From 5 Artificial Light Sources

When we talk of health-harming factors, lousy diet, stress, smoking can make it to the list, but who would have thought that light bulbs can do the same? Remember getting scolded by your parents for reading in insufficient light? Times have changed, and so has the technology that deals with bulb illumination safety & components.

The quality of lighting greatly influences your productivity levels at home and the office. Good light can even help regulate your melatonin cycles & sleep patterns. It also affects your moods! But how do you know which bulb to pick?

CIV LED Lighting Solutions knows where to get the best balance of ergonomic lighting and savings!

1. Halogen Light Bulbs

These blue-spectrum light bulbs can mimic daylight, making it a favorite in kitchens and specialized craftwork. While they illuminate extensively, the overt brightness can cause eye strain, contact burn hazards, and even ‘sunburn’ at close quarters. They’re suitable for commercial spaces at elevated installations but avoid them at homes as the light they emit disrupts sleep patterns. And they can rack up quite high on energy costs!

2. Incandescent Light

These bulbs work by filament induction that results in the diffused glow we are so in love with. These traditionally inexpensive bulbs were common to homes until more efficient bulbs were introduced. Incandescent lights aren’t harmful, but they have a short service life, meaning that there is quite an influx of bulbs hitting your landfills, making them too high on the carbon footprint.

3. Red Spectrum Light Bulbs

These bulbs give out seemingly dull illumination levels, but this ‘warm’ light helps regulate sleep cycles optimally. Don’t worry; your room won’t glow red; the light itself is normal, but its spectrum makes it ergonomic for sleep needs.

4. Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

These were the first generation of energy-efficient lighting and were meant to take over incandescent lighting. They caught on well until their high mercury vapor content became a major respiratory hazard in case the bulbs ever broke. Even worse, these lights give off extreme amounts of blue spectrum lighting, which is notorious for poor sleep patterns & insomnia.

5. LED Light Bulbs

Light-emitting diodes have become the most economical option for home lighting because they are efficient. They consume lower wattage but give out high lumens light with long service life. Even LEDs have some health concerns as they also emit sleep pattern disrupting blue-spectrum light, are laden with toxic metals, aggravate poor eyesight, and cause some eyestrain. But don’t worry; these hazards may present themselves at low-risk rates. LEDs still remain a revolutionary option in energy-efficient lighting solutions.

We at CIV LED Lighting Solutions do understand that residential & commercial spaces need bright & healthy light at economical rates. We suggest combining LED energy saver bulbs with red-spectrum lighting to create favorable spaces for optimal light ergonomics.

For more inspiration & energy-efficient solutions, you can reach out to us without any hesitation, and we will formulate the best lighting solutions for your personal and commercial spaces in Muncie, IN!

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