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CIV LED Lighting Solutions in Indianapolis, Indiana is a leading distributor of a wide range of high-quality LED products. We take pride in our extensive industry experience, exceptional process, and strict quality control standards. By leveraging these practices and capabilities, we are able to offer a superior selection of LED solutions to our commercial and industrial clients.


Fabrication Process

All our LED products have been manufactured in anti-static, dust-free, and high-tech workshops. So when you purchase one of our products, you can be confident that you’re buying a quality item that works as an intelligent solution for all your LED energy requirements.

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Is Our Priority

Exceptional customer service, integrity, reliability, and excellence are the cornerstones of all we do. Our continued practice of these values serves as our assurance to customers that we only provide the best products and solutions the industry has to offer.

Giving Back to

Our Community

They say charity begins at home. To us, it continues in the workplace. CIV LED Lighting Solutions gives back more than 15 percent of net revenue to these three charities in order to help their beneficiaries.
Our core values

Our Core Values

  1. Energy lighting audit to evaluate your current lighting, energy usage, and any inconsistencies in lighting throughout your facility.
  2. Audit data is then analyzed, and recommendations will be made taking into consideration the type of facility, maximization of energy savings, and vetting our 25 distributors against each other to compete for our (your) business. This allows “best pricing.” Majority of our projects will show a return on investment (ROI) of less than one year
  3. We discussed intangibles earlier, and, our third point deals with a big intangible that is very often never discussed during this process. There have been many studies, some from schools and universities such as Yale and Cornell, suggesting that LED Lighting has the possibility of increasing your productivity by as much as 13%. This increase comes from a variety of areas, some being a decrease in absenteeism, “lack of afternoon drowsiness,” and less frequency of work-related headaches.
  4. LED lighting vendors offer some of the longest warranties in the industry alongside well-tested products, which will show facilities as much as a 90% decrease in annual maintenance.

In closing, savings from energy usage on your lighting, reduction of air-condition costs, much-reduced maintenance cost—all that will fall to your bottom line. A four-step process will cost you nothing (maybe a little inconvenience) with a big upside.

As the trusted Operating Members of CIV LED Lighting Solutions, we promise you the following:

  1. We believe in our process and that it will deliver REAL BENEFITS to you if followed.
  2. We want to become partners with you, not just a vendor! We will deliver high-quality products with a “fair market up.” Our markup is most likely lower than most that you will be presented.
  3. We will assist or, in some cases, prepare the utility rebate paperwork, assuring that you collect the correct amount.
  4. We are not electrical contractors; however, we are LED project managers. If you wish, we will recommend an electrician. However, our goal is to work with your relationships on the installation. Our software will help you to keep your installation cost in line.

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Our friendly and professional sales team is always ready to answer any questions you have regarding our products. We are only just a call or a message away, so contact us now.