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6 Safety Tips For Using Scaffolding: How To Avoid Injuries While Working

Working at height can be dangerous if the proper precautions aren’t taken. Scaffolding is an excellent tool for working at height, but it can also be perilous if not used correctly. 

CIV LED Lighting Solutions, LLC offers rental scaffolding services to help ensure your safety while working at height. In addition to our scaffolding rental services, we also provide the following tips for safe scaffold use:

1. Always Inspect the Scaffolding Before Use

Before you even think about using scaffolding, it is vitally important that you inspect it first. This means looking for any damage or wear and tear that could make the structure unsafe. If you spot anything that looks damaged, do not use the scaffolding and report it to your supervisor immediately.

2. Only Use Scaffolding that is the Correct Height for You

One of the biggest dangers of scaffolding is using too high or too low for your height. Always make sure to use scaffolding that is the correct height for you, and never try to adjust it to be higher or lower than what is safe.

3. Do Not Overload Scaffolding

Another common cause of scaffold accidents is when people overload the scaffolding. This can be very dangerous, making the scaffold more likely to collapse. Only use the amount of weight the structure is designed to hold, and never put any extra weight on it. 

4. Always Wear a Harness

You should always wear a safety harness whenever you are working on scaffolding. It will help prevent you from falling if the scaffold happens to collapse. 

Most scaffolding accidents happen because someone fell from the scaffolding that was not adequately secured. Wearing a harness can help to prevent these kinds of accidents. 

5. Ask Somebody to Spot You

If you will be working on scaffolding and are not confident in your abilities, ask somebody to spot you. They will be standing close by in case you fall so that they can help catch you. 

6. Take Breaks 

Scaffolding can be taxing on your body, especially if you are not used to it. Be sure to take breaks often not to get too tired. If you get too tired, you are more likely to make a mistake, leading to an accident. 

Now that you know these scaffolding safety tips, put them into practice the next time you have to use scaffolding. CIV LED Lighting Solutions, LLC offers premier quality scaffolding at affordable rental rates for all your construction needs in Noblesville

Our scaffoldings are always kept in excellent condition, and we regularly inspect them to ensure they are up to code.

Scaffolding from CIV LED Lighting Solutions, LLC will give you peace of mind knowing that you are working with a safe and reliable product. 

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