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5 Reasons Why Your Home’s Electricity Bill Is Sky-High!

There’s something called an Occam’s razor in philosophy, purporting that out of numerous explanations, the one most concise, with the least variables, tends to be spot on. So, if your electric bill is too high, it’s probable you have inefficient appliances. But if you bring hiccum’s dictum into the mix, which claims multiple reasons for a problem, you’re going to find an alarming number of things that are pushing your electrical bill to the max.

CIV LED Lighting Solutions not only deals in bulbs, but we also help design seamless & optimal energy-saving systems for residential & commercial purposes. If your electric bill is way up the clouds, we can help you without much digress!

1. You Brought an Electric Vehicle

It would be highly naive of you to invest in a new, all-electric car, plug it in, and wonder why the bill shot too high. Electric vehicles are eco-friendly, highly efficient, and produce zero emissions, but they aren’t drawing on perpetual energy!

It’s very similar to when you buy new, heavy-duty electronics over an excellent sale season like HVAC systems, a dehumidifier, microwave, a flatscreen, a pool filtration unit, etc. The more fully electric appliances (and vehicles!) you buy, the higher your electrical consumption is.

2. Holiday Season Lighting

Well, Christmas & the New Year came & went, so there isn’t much to say about holiday lighting, but maybe consider the halogen bulbs you just put out on your turf or the heavy-duty floodlights, and the bill makes sense. Electrical bills can also shoot up because of excess old-school holiday lighting. Without an LED lighting solution, all that illumination is going to eliminate your pocket greens like critters in a hamster pen!

3. WFH or Have Guests Over

Multiple inhabitants can increase the electrical bill, and all utilities get used more than usual. The dishwasher, laundry, entertainment, microwave, hairdryer, etc., are all high wattage appliances that will generate hefty consumption costs.

Another crucial thing is the work-from-home approach to pandemic-era jobs. Indeed, staying home all the time with minimal excursions, working your way up on a laptop, or multiple electronic devices with the internet in full swing will mean you are consuming more energy than usual.

4. Inefficient & Unrated Appliances

Older appliances degrade in efficiency over time and can start leeching excess amounts of energy, regardless of how well they have been maintained. Besides, a 5-year-old coffee-maker or a dishwasher was not created with the energy-efficient tech prevalent in contemporary appliances. It would be good to switch to the newer appliance rated for energy efficiency. You can confer with CIV LED Lighting Solutions to develop an ideal energy & appliance management plan.

5. Time-Of-Use Billing Utility Provider

Time of use has peak & off-peak rates for utility use, so the best way to handle costs is to practice responsible usage habits and utilize intensive appliances in the off-peak hours, keeping them unplugged in peak hours.

You are welcome to schedule a consult with us to work through your utility consumption management at CIV LED Lighting Solutions. Among proprietary energy-efficient lighting products, we also provide energy management systems, solutions, & plans to help you utilize resources responsibly in Ft. Wayne, IN.

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