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4 Ways To Save Energy On Lighting: Green Alternatives

The energy crisis is a genuine concern for many people, and lighting consumes a large chunk of energy. Traditional light bulbs use up to 75% more power than LED lamps. That’s not only bad for your wallet; it also harms the environment by emitting harmful gases into our atmosphere. Luckily there are plenty of greener alternatives out there that can help you save on both gas and electricity! You may seek advice from organizations like CIV LED Lighting Solutions.

This blog post will go over four ways you can conserve your resources without sacrificing quality or style.

1) Avoid Over-Lighting Rooms

Using unnecessary lighting in a room can waste energy, create a lot of excess heat, and beef up your energy bills. Try to only have as much lighting in the room as needed to function well and feel comfortable. As a general rule, rooms require 20 lumens of light per square foot. Call in a professional lighting expert and discuss how to avoid over-lighting your room while preserving the aura you want your property to present.

2) Don’t Forget to Turn-Off the Lights

Be mindful of the lights you’re using, and remember to turn them off whenever they are not needed.

Many people forget to turn off the lights before leaving a room. This is a simple way of saving energy and promoting efficiency and is something you can get your family and work colleagues to practice.

Another good habit is unplugging appliances that are not being used — even small ones like phone chargers can add up after time! Not only will this save energy but prevent potential power surges which damage equipment over time.

3) Install Dimmers on Your Lights 

While it might seem like an expensive way to save energy, dimmers are a great option. Dimmers allow you to still have the light on when needed without wasting too much electricity. You can turn up the power when you need more light and turn it all the way down if you want a relaxing vibe.

4) Clean Bulbs Regularly

Dust can build up on lamps and lights over time, which dampens the light, resulting in more lights in the room to make it brighter. Cleaning your lamps and lights will make them more efficient without changing their look or feel. Aging light bulbs with dust accumulation reduce illumination by as much as 50%, so remember to clean and dust them regularly.

A professional lighting agency can help you overcome your illumination woes in Columbus, reducing your power bills and promoting better energy efficiency at home and the workplace. CIV LED Lighting Solutions LLC offers premium lighting products that can help cost-effectively illuminate your facility. Our lighting consultants can guide you through your lighting journey, helping you choose products that fit your needs the best. Get a free quote now!