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4 Ways That Our Generous Rentals Are Lighting Up The Way To Your Profits!

Scissor lifts and scaffolding are like a fire is to a forge; they are a miscible pair that go into almost every construction project, light installation, window maintenance, warehouse management, and other works requiring you to scale certain heights. Renting such height scaling equipment enables many businesses to manage their operations without excess expenses otherwise generated by the procurement & purchase of said equipment.

The only catch in renting equipment is knowing the kind of lift you require, for what purpose, and for how long to get the most out of your hired help. CIV LED Lightning Solutions knows what pairs best with lighting installation projects and hence the reasoning for hiring our Generous Lift Rentals is justified.

Here are a few of reasons why renting equipment is many times more rewarding for your business operations than wasting your money on a CAPEX purchase.

1. Rentals Are Cost-Effective

Renting over the purchase of equipment is far more effective in cost savings as you are only paying for the time the equipment is being used. Any damages or breakdowns incurred will be covered by the rental company insurance. Now compare that with you having purchased the lift and scaffolding equipment only to have it eating into your bank balance for all the maintenance & repairs after periods of inactivity; the storage costs and set up times further inconvenience you.

2. You Receive Insignificant Liability

When you are the owner of your equipment, and the frequency of use is restricted to a few times a year, your equipment is liable to aging, deterioration, and damage. With rentals, the equipment is available to you and delivered in peak condition. Your liability decreases when you are not responsible for the equipment insurance or the damages incurred in transit.

3. No Depreciation Costs

With scissor lifts and scaffolding rotting away at your expense incurring storage space, the value of the equipment goes down as well, so there isn’t much benefit in resale, and there is a severe loss in opportunity costs. Rental companies cover their opportunity costs by providing fully functional lift equipment that is easy on your purse and maintained enough to last for many rentals.

4. Minimal Transport Fees

With renting scaffolding and scissor lifts, you can quickly expect the materials and equipment to be consolidated at the site for use without any transport fees accrued in the process. Imagine the opposite where you need to have the equipment taken out of storage, cleaned, and transported for a brush-up, all at your expense.

Renting lifting equipment is far too beneficial for your business operations to be missed out on. When companies keep such equipment at its best state of the process, one should utilize the benefits.

At CIV LED Lightning Solutions, we cater to your high-end light installation and energy saving solutions all backed by our research, plus maintenance runs by providing our Generous Lift Rentals so all our clients can benefit from this turnkey solution without initiating multiple hiring contracts. Our rates are as generous as they come, but you can also inquire for free quotes on our lighting solution services here in Fort Wayne, IN. Feel to get in touch with us anytime!

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